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Roger Miener <Roger.Miener@...>

Jeff Aley wrote:

I also thought it was outrageous that somebody (Roger, I think) ....
Jeff, if you are going to use the word "outrageous", shouldn't you
take the time to be more certain regarding who you are talking about
... I mean, rather than saying, "I think.", shouldn't you be in a
position to say, "I know."?

I will save you the trouble. You may "think" -- However, I know!
Indeed, your reference was to me, Roger Miener. However, your
paraphrase (please, Jeff, don't ever resort to paraphrase when you can
actually quote someone) ... your paraphrase of what I actually said
fell woefully short of the mark. Here is what you said ...

stated that a person needs to buy a $300 Car Builder's on eBay in
order to learn enough to assemble a $40 resin kit
That was not what I said at all. Jay Bingham said that he had
problems understanding the nomenclature and terminology of freight car
construction. He said ...

., I have learned certain basics such as the difference between an
AB brake system and a KC brake system, what a cut lever is, etc.
Yet, many of the terms are still new so that when the instructions
say connect the thingamigjig to the whatchamacallit, it is purely
coincidental if I find the correct castings on the resin sheet and
connect them together correctly.<<

And I responded ...

By the way, the quickest way to learn the definitions
is to acquire a copy of a Simmons-Boardman Car Builder's Cyclopedia
keyed to the era of one's interest.<<

Jeff, do you know of a better or more efficient way to learn the
nomenclature and arrangements of freight car construction?

Oh, and before one mentions it, Jay said he flew Navy in Viet Nahm.
That means that he is a lawyer in his zenith years of discretionary
income. When it comes to the going price of Car Builder's Cyc's, I
think that Jay can probably afford it. If not, then he has a personal
problem that I don't need to hear about.

As for kit instructions ... can they be improved? Of course they can
... always. However, there ain't no free lunch. Which scenario makes
more sense? Each of us makes the one time effort to learn it on our
own ... or, instead, we opt for paying for it again and again and
again as part of the purchase price of a resin kit?

I know what my answer is ... what's your's?

Roger Miener
at Tacoma WA

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