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Tim O'Connor

The straight bottom edges seen on one major rib of SRE ends existed on MANY freight cars of the postwar era
but the only HO scale model in mass production is Accurail's version as far as I know. We have talked about it
many times on STMFC over the years. IRC actually makes TWO different 3/4 10-0 box car ends, but as you
point out neither one has the flattened bottom edge of one major rib.

On 11/18/2020 6:37 PM, Steve Haas wrote:



Two points about the IMRC 12 panel 10’ IH cars.


  1. None of the GN 12 panel 10’ IH cars had the long horizontal grab iron; see Staffan’s photo, and
  2. The ends included with the kit are incorrect.  The GN 12 panel 10’ IH cars are what Ed Hawkins has defined as an IDE-2 end.  In this design, the underside of the top major rib does not descend like the underside of the rest of the major ribs.


To date, no one has provided a commercial model of such an IDE-2 end, even though when compared to the IDE-1 they are almost as numerous as the IDE-1.


Two or three summers ago Bill Welch provided a tease here of a clinic he was putting together, either for St. Louis or Lyle.  In the photo accompanying his posting he included a picture of several ends he was preparing as part of his clinic.  One of these was an IDE-2!  I inquired as to how he had fabricated it.  Bill gracefully responded, stating he had fabricated these ends by taking a pair of ends from an Accurail refrigerator cars, then slicing and dicing to create the proper 4/3 ends with the flattened underside of the top rib.


I’ve got the fabrication for a set of these underway . . . . . learning how to clean up the original Accurail castings to where they’ll make good masters; I’ve got a ways to go.


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