Re: Bill Welch


I was off work yesterday and when I returned this morning I found my STMFC file sadly filled with “BILL WELCH” in the subject and my heart just dropped filled with the sorrow of loosing another man of class, extreme modeler, and a very good friend. My direct contact with Bill was limited to the few RPMs I’ve been able to attend, however, I’ve spent a great deal of time talking to Bill via e-mails and phone cons. A bit opposite of most of you that have commented because rather than being helped by Bill I actually was helping Bill find non stocked Kadee detail parts and such. I really enjoyed him and our conversations.


Bill was simply a man of class and he will be sorely missed.  Our condolences go out to his family and friends.





Sam Clarke

R&D / Tech Advisor / Artist

Kadee Quality Products Co.












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