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Schuyler Larrabee



Ben Dibble is a friend of mine, not a denizen of this list.  But he’s quite willing to share his collection of photos of the subject cars.  You can contact Ben directly if you want.  His email in included in this exchange below.




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S -


Perhaps you can post these in that group? Or forward to Tony?


23659 - I found this photo in my collection. Author unknown.


35246 - Looks like my shots. Who else would take a bunch of shots of an old car? :^)


35453 - My shots. yet more shots.


35461 - At Oneonta - see the stacks from the roof behind the car. This isn't a match for the Westerfield car, but yet another replacement end.


"D&H Slide" - not mine, and really hard to see. But I think that's a Hutchins end?


That's all the 36' shots I have, that aren't in books.


Have him email me directly if he doesn't have the 1928 Freight car book.

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John Nehrich is posting info on the 36' box cars in his fb page. Please ask Tony Wagner to check there for what he needs.

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I expect that issue is in the Club’s library . . .


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Tony Wagner asked:

"Hey guys, or girls, anyone have photos of D&H 36' box cars? Post war is preferred but any showing the various end upgrades will do nicely. Looking to do a mild upgrade of a pair of Accurail cars and while I have a couple of photos more would help. I'm modeling 1949 and the D&H still had a couple thousand of these cars in service then."


See John Nehrich's "Modeling D&H's 1907 Wooden Boxcars" in the December 1987 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.



Ben Hom

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