Re: Slide and Negative Scanners

Bill McClure


I have done a lot of scanning over the years, starting with a Nikon Coolscan. At the moment I have an Epson V750 Pro flatbed that will do everything from negs to slides to documents, and a Plustek Optic Film 7600i that does slides and negs. I much prefer the latter for slides and 35mm negs. Both of these have a few years on them so there might be newer models. They came from B&H Photo in New York.

The Epson flatbed versions would handle your aperture cards well. I have scanned old, odd sized prints and B&W negs on that one with great results.

But for me the key is scanning software. I use Silverfast Ai, a German product that has a special setting for Kodachrome and works extremely well. Kodachrome was made with dye layers that can befuddle some scanners. That software is specific for the scanner model.

Good luck,

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