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I have the Epson V800 and have had good success with prints, negatives, slides, documents and maps.  With the slide frame I was able to quickly scan a loaned collection of about 50 slides in a couple evenings.  The 1944 Santa Fe map of the United States is a combination of five scans stitched together.  I wrote a post about it back in July.  The Fe-U and the 1944 Railroad Map.  I also scanned the Fe-U print in that post on my V800 and straightened it with Photoshop Elements.  You can download a jpg of the map through a link in that blog post.  It also works well scanning documents for later conversion to PDF.  I usually scan to TIFF, then convert as that gives me greater flexibility for character recognition of multiple column pages.  I'm very happy with the V800 as an all around photo scanner.


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I use an "Epson Perfection V8000 Photo" scanner, a semi-pro machine that does a pretty good job scanning slides and negatives, as well as general copying. The software is a bit clunky, but I'm used to it now. Everything gets washed through Photoshop anyway. I paid somewhere between $400-500 for the Epson. If you've looked at photos I've shared here, you are seeing stuff done on that machine. This model has probably been succeeded by a newer version with a higher number, but the Epson machines in this range are pretty good, and good values too.

My scanner came with several frames, one for 35 mm negatives, one for 35 mm slides, and some others for which I have yet to find a use. When I have an odd-sized negative, I put it right on the glass. A 6" plastic ruler along the bottom edge keeps the negative square and moves it away from a void space along the edge of the glass. After I have a preview shot on my screen, I select the area of the negative I actually want, eliminating the ruler.

One more thing to consider. Besides Photoshop I use the powerful but inexpensive Graphic Convertor program from Lemke Software. It does some stuff that is really hard to do with Photoshop, like adding text to an image. As its name implies, it can also convert from or to a number of formats, many more than Photoshop can handle. I save everything in TIFF (which unlike JPEG is stable), except for what I convert back to JPEG for attaching to emails.

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Does anyone have any experience with slide and negative scanners?   My all-in-one copiers can do a decent job of digitizing photo prints but, even though a couple of them have slide processing capability they are somewhat clunky to use and I have many hundreds of slides and negatives to scan.


An additional wrinkle is that I have about 1000 microfilm aperture cards with CB&Q locomotive, freight and passenger car drawings on them which I would also like to scan.  They are on computer keypunch-size cards 3 ¼ wide x 7 ¾ so I am hoping on getting something that can accommodate that width card or be modified to do so.  Some of the scanners look like they have carriers that be duplicated in sheet plastic to make a custom holder…if the slot is 3 ¼ wide or more.  As a last resort I could trim the width of the cards down to fit but I’d rather not.


I don’t want to go crazy with speed or quality and get a $5000 professional unit but I don’t want to go cheap and get the Kodak folding box gizmo or the low-end stuff that has no resolution.   I’d rather get one that can connect to my computer for post processing rather than loading to a memory card.   I already have VuScanX64 software which I have used to scan using my all-in-one.


If any of you have experience with scanners and can share thoughts or recommendations on brands or models to consider it would be much appreciated.


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