LV 9951 series, was: Photo: Reading Well Hole Flat Car 99009 (Undated)

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Ken and List Members,
Ken mentioned the LV 9951 series.
This is listed in my 12-1930 ORER as series 9951-9960, the number space allows for 10 cars, but the ORER states there is a total of only three cars in this series!
I have images of 9952 and 9953, so we know these two numbers are truly in use.
These were 1915-built cars with “no well floor”, 55ft 10in length, 220,000 lb capacity, height to "Eaves or To of Sides or Platform" was a mere 3ft 3in! I imagine the car used wheels that were smaller than 33" diameter to achieve this height for the loading platform
I'm attaching an image of LV 9952
There are two nice in-service images of LV 9952 in the book "Uintah Railway: The Gilsonite Route" delivering a narrow gauge articulated locomotive.
Claus Schlund

Re: F37B with “no well floor” (at least that’s what I’m interpreting Elden’s comment…)


Note other railroads also had well cars with “no floor”.  In the Jan 1953 ORER (table in back) I am interpreting the phrase (in “load carrying platform” – “height from top of rail” column) “open pit” to mean there is no floor:


D&H 16160 series

LV 9951 series

NYC 499xxx series (5 separate lines)


I don’t know enough about these cars to know if that is truly what the ORER means…




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