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Mont Switzer

OK guys, at the risk of sounding like the hack that I am, I developed a method years ago of digitizing slides in a hurry.  The resulting photo is usually needed for a model in process.


I have a device that is like a small light table that I used to use when sorting color slides.  It still comes in handy for this.  I also learned that I could set up a designated spot on the light table and aim my camera with close up lens at it.  Then all I had to do was scoot the slide(s) into that spot, focus on the subject in the slide and take a digital image.  Pretty quick.


This is not a museum quality operation, but when you consider that my hobby is building models, it serves my purposes pretty well.


Yes, I have a 3600 dpi slide scanner for the more critical digital conversions, but I don't let it slow my model building down.   


Mont Switzer 

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This is an interesting alternative, although it only works for 35mm slides. It came up on the RR Historical Society SIG group. Credit to Jeff Eggert over at CNWHS:

In addition to being pretty fast, if you already have a slide projector and DLSR, it is of nominal cost.

At some point I need to use this setup for my non-RR family slide collection. I used a Canon film scanner in the past, and liked it very much, but it has suffered a hardware failure after about 15 years and I have not yet attempted a repair (nor do I know if parts are available.)

But my Canon scanner could never scan close to the 300 slides per hour rate that Jeff claims.

Dave Evans

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