Re: MKT model from a Accurail SS box car kit

Robert kirkham

I haven’t come across anything yet.  I see cars in number series 95xxx, 96xxx and 77xxx.  I’m not sure of the exact start and end numbers in each car series,  and do not know who the original builders were.  The changes I see:

Reinforcement straps in panels 1 and 9:
- the diagonal straps at the car ends sit on top/over the side edge of the car end, not tucked inside.  
- Some photos show the lower diagonal is nearly double the width; other times a regular width.
- the the top diagonal is typical - slightly less wide than the “normal width” lower diagonal, and much narrower than the “wide width” lower diagonal
- there are cars with a horizontal strap at the high of the end panel seam - have not found it on a 77xxx series car so far.

Bulge plates: - I see them in all panels, so would add them in panels 1 and 9

Gusset at side sill/end panel - needs beefing up on the Accurail car side.

Diagonal braces - toughest problem on these models.  The diagonals are attached to the vertical braces with a gap at the bottom. And the outer face of the Z braces is trimmed square, making it hang below the bottom of the side sills.  Thinking you can use a thin overlay to model the out face hanging lower than the side sill, but the gaps . . . would require heavy carving and all new diagonals, so may be better ignored for this kitbash.

Doors: some are top-hung; others have rollers on the bottom.  Some have the horizontal steel brace at mid height, some have it closer to 1/3 from the bottom.   I think one variant that’s easy is to use a Tichy door.   Or carve off and re-do the horizontal brace.  But the Accurail door is fine on a lot of cars.  The 96xxx series cars usually have the lower brace, but I found one image on a 96xxx series car with mid height brace.  I notice the upper door hangers vary;  in some it looks like the small triangular gussets at the top corners of the doors carry up into the door track.  In others, the Accurail rollers are used.  Sorry - can’t recall names, and not taking the time to look them up this morning.

Door stops are at top (end of door track) and bottom.  

Ladders - the usual, LOL.  The bottom run on the side ladder is a drop grab; the others straight.  It's the same on the truncated end ladders - bottom grab is the drop type.   All 
other grab irons appear to be straight, except the two at the end sills and the one on the right side of each end, attached to the 4th rib.  They are drop grabs.  



On Nov 23, 2020, at 8:17 AM, Clark Propst <> wrote:

Does anyone know of any info on this cars in the RP Cyc? I have Ted's RMC essentials article, but there seems to be differences in these cars. I'd like to find the ose info I could on the ones matching the Accurail car the closest.
As always, thanks for any advice,
Clark Propst

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