Re: HO Tank Car Lid

Charles Peck

One might keep in mind that many products would never have the manway 
hatch opened except for cleaning.  Most liquid products can be loaded and unloaded
through pipes and hoses attached to access valves. An open hatchway is 
a potential source of contamination.
Chuck Peck

On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 11:39 AM Todd Sullivan via <> wrote:

You should be able to saw the 'lid' off an Athearn 'chemical' tank car (cheap donor) and add it to an Atlas 11,000 gallon pressure tank car model.  If you have one of those super thin modeling saws, you could probably just cut the top off the Atlas model's manway (dome) and glue it back on in the open position.  I know of no HO tank car that has an operating hinged lid.

Todd Sullivan.

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