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Bruce Smith


Many years ago, I used a “wrecked” AC&F type 27 (IM) as a load on my Sunshine F30A. I have never been happy with that load because I wanted to portray a wrecked, burnt out tank car headed for scrap, and the soldering iron gouges just never look right. In addition, the all over rust isn’t realistic, and I’ve learned a LOT more about rusty weathering. 

Watching artistry by others with respect to wrecked cars using aluminum sheet had me thinking that I would replace part of the tank with aluminum to show the tearing rupture of the tank… but again, I worry that the rest of the tank should be deformed as well. So, the replacement of parts of the car with aluminum sheet (pie plate?) might also lend it to being crumpled, albeit from collision forces, instead of vacuum.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

On Nov 24, 2020, at 12:50 PM, Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:

Ray Hutchison wrote:

Tony, I am waiting to see your model of this puppy! 

  It would certainly be an interesting challenge. Let's see, take a kit tank, heat it up until it softens -- or maybe make a new tank out of thin styrene --

Tony Thompson

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