Re: Photo: NP Automobile Boxcar 6181 (1934)

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Hi Schuyler,

    Its a great example of why the Fowler Patent used on the first 9,000 or so Dominion Cars fell from favor so fast.
If the car builder used good seasoned and kiln dried lumber for sheathing and then properly painted it there was very 
little shrinkage making some cars, like this No. Pac. car, look as though they might have steel sheathing when they 
didn't. I'll never understand how the Fowler Patent got as far as it did unless some railroad purchasing agent bought 
into the idea without checking with anyone in his own car shop. Anyone who had worked for any length of time with 
wood would have known better. 

My best, Don Valentine

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