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Al and Friends,

Richard's had two articles on the 50' SS boxcars in the July 1995 RMJ. The first article covered the prototypes, and a second was on upgrading MDC cars. He followed this up with another pair of prototype and model articles in the July 1996 RMJ.

Going a bit farther back, Richard Burg had three articles on prototype 50' SS auto and boxcars. I have parts two and three, which ran in the October and November 1989 RMJ. An unattributed addendum to Richard's series gives a list of the prototypes in the November 1989 RMJ.

You can find all these RMJ articles on the Trainlife Magazine Library in PDF format.

And let's not forget Ted Culotta's "Essential Freight Cars: 41" from RMC. I don't have the date for this one, as I clipped it off the bottom of my scans. In Ted's list of available models, he mainly lists resin kits, but also includes the MDC cars. He does not mention Walthers' cars at all.

I don't have the correspondence from the old USENET group, but IIRC, the general feeling that the Walthers car was pretty much a complete kludge. I think that scared almost everybody away in favor of the more accurate MDC cars, which might explain why there weren't any articles on upgrading the Walthers offering. I bought one as soon as they came out and thought it was a nice car, then the comments came. Mine went up for sale when I cleaned house of my Athearn and similar cars. I just checked my parts box, and discovered I have two of the A-ends from these cars (you had a choice of a 3-3-3 Dreadnaught end or the end door, with the B-end being part of the main casting), so I must have bought two and installed the end doors.

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As Fenton suggests, I've done the IC 50' SS DD box from the Walthers car. Richard Hendrickson surveyed prototypes years ago, I want to say in RMJ.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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