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Richard Remiarz


As Andy Carlson already stated, the issue is that the height is incorrect with the trucks that come with the cars.  It is a fundamental issue with the underframe casting.  Since this underframe is used under many different Intermountain boxcars, it affects a large number of cars.  What I found interesting is that, as Andy stated, this has been a known problem for some time, but many modelers seem to forget about it (as I have at times).  This started with me posting a description of how I built a 40' Postwar AAR boxcar, including lowering the car, without even thinking about the significance of the issue, it is just something I do on Intermountain boxcars.  Not only were there a number of posts asking for more information, but I received a number of private emails from list members asking about how I lowered the car.  I didn't expect my description was going to raise so many questions.

I agree that with some brands of trucks additional work is required to maintain the correct height.  However, I have found that many (most) brands of trucks I use are very close in bolster height, requiring no extra efforts.  On the other hand, I just spent an hour making adjustments on an Atlas 1932 AAR boxcar to get the car to the correct height after putting on new trucks, including filing the metal bolster.

Again, thanks to Jim Brewer for putting together the document from the various emails. 

Rich Remiarz
Vadnais Heights, MN

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I've been scratching my head kind of wondering what this discussion was all about... but looking
at your document it seems to me that part of the issue is the trucks themselves.Truck bolsters made
to fit one style of underframe may not have the correct height for another style of underframe.
I always have to fuss with height when I'm using Kadee trucks, for example, on a non-Kadee model.

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By: Richard Remiarz

Lowering bolsters on Intermountain boxcars

Tim O'Connor
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