Re: UP Licensing Agreements

Jim Scott

--- Jon Miller <atsf@...> wrote:
Picture this: UP could require pre-production
approval as well a a stiff
fee up front for EVERY UP or predecessor road item
produced by any
manufacturer. For most of
us this would be next to impossible. Anybody want to
guess what this will do
to UP/SP/CNW/MP/ART/PFE/etc item announcements?<

It would probably mean all these items would be
made undecorated with
decals produced on the side.
Wait a minute. If the pressure is put on the
manufacturers and they just make undecorated models,
where would the decals come from? Wouldn't they also
be under the umbrella of UP control and most small
manufacturers would just say to heck with it, it isn't
worth it and nothing would be out there. Then along
comes the Decal Underground where "illegal" decals are
made and sold through underground avenues know only to
modelers. Sounds like a new form of "Prohibition."
The media might have a field day with something like

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