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Rich C

Mel, The reefers are a whole different topic. Besides the PFE R-40-10, Fruit Growers, ART, WFEX and I am sure other private owner's had square cornered cars.

As Andy noted, The WP cars were 9'6" IH. The Santa Fe's 136000 series and the entire KCS roster of these cars were also Interim Height cars 9' 6"-9' 8". These 3 were once offered by Speedwitch.

Rich Christie

On Saturday, November 28, 2020, 10:44:03 AM CST, mel perry <clipper841@...> wrote:

don't forget PFE'S R40-10 class

On Sat, Nov 28, 2020, 8:39 AM Andy Carlson <midcentury@...> wrote:

Hello folks-
1936 to 1940 were the years that large numbers of square corner Drednaught end equipped '37 AAR box cars were built. As can be seen in the list below of these square corner end cars, there were many 10s of thousands of them built in both Canada and the US.

This list is from data in the recently released volume on 1937 AAR box cars by Pat Wider, continuing the fine series of Railroad Prototype Cyclopedias.

Square corner end '37 AAR rosters by RR:

ATSF 136000-136499; 136500-137999; 138000-138499;
B&O 384000-384499
C&EI 64000-64499
C&O 4000-4499; 4500-4999; 5000-5399; 5400-5499
CN had 1000s
CP had 1000s
ERIE 78000-78499
ITC 6000-6099
KCS 14000-14199; 17000-17499; 17450-17749
NKP 15000-15499; 15500-15999
ONT 90000-90499; 90500-90999
RDG 103000-103299
SL-SF 140000-140038
SOO 136000-136198 even #s
SRR 10000-12022; 12023-13042; 13043-13063; 13064-14395; 260500-26099; 261000-262036; 306000-307021
SP 32770-33269; 33270-33519; 335200-34019; 34020-34519; 37840-38089; 38090-38339; 38340-38589; 38590-38839
T&P 1700-1724; 3900-3919; 40000-40499; 40500-40999
UP 182812-18399; 184000-185899
WP 20001- 20200 These were 9'6" IH.

The RPC #35's roster data pages gives much detail, such as roof,brake and other details. Anyone viewing this post with questions about a particular Rail Road's details, PM me and I will answer those questions. I would encourage a purchase of the book, as it is a very well researched and detailed offering.

Southern, Union Pacific, Santa Fe, both Canadian transcons and the Southern Pacific were huge purchasers of this car design.

Wish everyone a safe and very well day.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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