HO WP 1916 built 40' SS box car resin parts

Andy Carlson

Offered, one only-

I have a set of castings to do a WP Pullman built 1916 40' SS box car in HO resin. Buyer will get the complete set of castings, which includes the under frame with separate cross-ties, roof with roof supports, sides, styrene AB brake set and a new decal set made specifically for these cars for both 8051-8085 and 26xxx series and includes lettering diagrams and list of plaster assignments.

I have been informed that the decal set can do 15001-16000 series from 1922 on to 1942.

WP took over 100 cars in 1942 and upgraded to AB brakes for 26xxx series of plaster service cars. These cars served until 1965.

35 cars in 1942 were left in general exchange service and were re-numbered into WP 8051-8085 series. Some,maybe all were converted to AB brakes and served in general service until all were gone in 1950.

Inline image

Inline image

WP 8078 in company service in 1958 (Picture is from the Gerstley collection).

Inline image

I only have one car available.
Offered for $55, shipping included to the US.
I accept checks or money orders. With a small fee I accept PayPal.

Contact me at <midcentury@...> of list please for more details.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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