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Garth Groff and Sally Sanford

Andy and Friends,

Small correction. The 8051-series disappeared somewhat earlier from the interchange roster than 1950. Based on materials I have in my collection:

In the January ORER 1941 there were still 47 cars listed in the 15001-series, which are noted as still having arch bar trucks. There are 100 cars listed in the 26001 series, now riding on Andrews trucks, since there is no exception noted for arch bar trucks. The 8051 series does not exist at all.

In January 1943 ORER there were still 35 cars left in service in the 15001 series, and still on arch bar trucks. The 26001 series has now grown to 125 cars. Given that there had been 14 cabooses rebuilt from 15001-series cars in 1942, the numbers don't add up. What I suggest is that some cars were still on the deadline awaiting scrapping, and were pulled for rebuilding.

The next time these cars appear in my collection is in a general arrangement drawing dated 3/16/43 showing 8051-8085 as assigned to "store materials" service, still on arch bar trucks. Among the notes on this sheet, it says "35 remain in WP service as of May 1, 1942". That gives us a 10 1/2 month window for when these cars were first renumbered as 8051, then moved into MW service. I wish I had ORER pages or AFEs for these years, but I don't have a complete run. Maybe somebody can fill in this gap. It is possible that these cars never operated in revenue service as 8051-8085, but that block doesn't match the WP's usual MW car numbering. 

My drawing is from a reprint of WP's book of MW general arrangement drawings sold many years ago by the Feather River Railroad Society. It appears to have been based on drawings in the late 1960s, so besides the dwindling number of 26001-series plaster service cars, a few of these were still around way past our period of interest.  Indeed, the photo of 8078 you showed us a few days ago shows the car clearly marked "ASSIGNED TO STORE MATERIAL SERVICE" on the door. Also, after retirement, some of the 26001-series care continued in MW service. Photos of two are found in Jim Eager's WESTERN PACIFIC COLOR GUIDE TO FREIGHT AND PASSENGER EQUIPMENT.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff  🦆

On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 1:50 PM Andy Carlson <midcentury@...> wrote:
Offered, one only-

I have a set of castings to do a WP Pullman built 1916 40' SS box car in HO resin. Buyer will get the complete set of castings, which includes the under frame with separate cross-ties, roof with roof supports, sides, styrene AB brake set and a new decal set made specifically for these cars for both 8051-8085 and 26xxx series and includes lettering diagrams and list of plaster assignments.

I have been informed that the decal set can do 15001-16000 series from 1922 on to 1942.

WP took over 100 cars in 1942 and upgraded to AB brakes for 26xxx series of plaster service cars. These cars served until 1965.

35 cars in 1942 were left in general exchange service and were re-numbered into WP 8051-8085 series. Some,maybe all were converted to AB brakes and served in general service until all were gone in 1950.

Inline image

Inline image

WP 8078 in company service in 1958 (Picture is from the Gerstley collection).

Inline image

I only have one car available.
Offered for $55, shipping included to the US.
I accept checks or money orders. With a small fee I accept PayPal.

Contact me at <midcentury@...> of list please for more details.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA


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