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Natural gasoline and natural gas (Methane, Propane & Butane aka LPG) are not the same. LPG is liquid only when under high pressure. Natural gasoline, which mention started earlier in this thread, also called casing gas, well head gas, is a liquid at room temp and a by-product of pumping of oil well extraction. The Signal Hill oil field in Long Beach, CA seemed to have a lot of this liquid gas and a smart thinking individual saw the potential to make a good living. I don't suppose that the tank car movements of well head gasoline (natural gasoline) really amounted to that much volume to be of consequence. Non refined gasoline in my mind was not a big source of RR traffic. I love corrections when I am wrong....

The Signal Oil company quick success required more of the limited natural gasoline than which was available and had to go to refined gasoline products to feed its network of service stations.
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Natural gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas became a significant market dominated by the Warren company as an octane booster in refined gasoline.  (A bit more on that next Saturday in the Hindsight – shameless plug.)


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