Re: C&NW colors uploaded

Ken Adams

Tim O'Conner et all

This was found on a search the files for STMFC. 

I am in the process of enhancing an Accurail AAR 41 foot gondola into a reasonable facsimile of a CNW 130701-131600 1948 build car but found that the old yahoo groups STMF Files/Colors/cnw1-9 jpg's do  not appear to have made the transition to either as files or photos. It does not appear to be on the old STMFC website either. 

Any suggestions for prototype color photos are needed as I am trying to determine what shade of Vallejo Model Color brown to wash over a Tamiya oxide primer base to reasonably produce a CNW Freight Car brown as it would appear when the car is about 2-6 years old.  Note that I do not use an air brush so TCP paints or other air brush application required paints are of no use to me. 

The car body is currently primed but I am waiting for Ted Culotta's CNW gondola decals and Molocco Barber S-2 trucks to arrive. 
Ken Adams
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