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Ray Breyer

In contemporary railroad engineering terms, that's a steel frame, outside framed boxcar (what they called these cars when built in the 1909-1916 period when most of them were built).

In HOBBY terms, these are either called Fowlers or Dominion cars, depending on which side of the icy borderlands you're from. (odd thing about the Dominion name; most of these cars were built by CC&F, but nobody calls them that....)

Ray Breyer
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Is that  Fowler boxcar ??

Vince Altiere

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Wow, what a photo! And at the far right there are two people thoughtless directly under the flying box car...
Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953
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Those C&I hoppers have been travelling for years. Here’s one in an Andover, MA, wreck, circa 1929.
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While rambling through my collection, I came upon this view of Cambria & Indiana hopper 1888. Oddly, this was taken in Charlottesville, Virginia, on the C&O (well, really CSX by then), probably in late 1984. What a car from a 35-mile Pennsylvania shortline was doing in a C&O train is beyond me.
In those days, the former C&O Mountain Division saw many trains each way. Trains stopped on the west side of town before moving into the small yard. This happened to be right behind the computer store where I worked, so I often got a good view of cars, though few photos. 
This car series is not listed in my October 1958 ORER, so I suspect it was a second-hand purchase, possibly beyond our era of interest, though the car itself certainly dates to our period.
Yours Aye,
Garth Groff

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