TRAINLIFE site issues - used to be Car ID just for fun

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List Members,
I too have has much trouble accessing the TRAINLIFE site.
One work-around that I have found, that appears to work as of this current moment, is to build a URL that is based around the example shown below...
Clicking on the above URL will take you to the May 1991 issue of Model Railroading from the TRAINLIFE site. As mentioned, this appears to work as of the moment, even though the 'normal' access to the site is currently down
Note that the URL has a four digit year and a two digit month near the end just before the period. By altering this year and month to what you want, you can access other back issues of Model Railroading
I imagine if you know the correct three-letter code to substitute for "mrr" in the example URL you may be able to access other magazines besides Model Railroading
Hope this helps
Claus Schlund

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I just tried it (Sunday, 11/29, 4:28 PDT) and got down to the third menu, tried a specific issue and got the “"Error establishing a data base connection"


Jim van Gaasbeek

Irvine, CA



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