Re: Trainlife downloads was Car ID just for fun


With the subject of this thread, and the question asked in the root thread about downloading, I should probably provide some context.

TrainLife purchased the licensing from the copyright owners, which except in a few cases of the oldest of the old issues, are either still alive as individuals or still functioning as active registered companies even if they are no longer printing. The majority of these licenses did not allow distribution - only display. Hence, TrainLife does not allow the issues to be downloaded officially from their website.

Legally, your workaround shouldn't have any problems as long as said downloads are used for personal, private, non-distributive and non-commercial use. However, they cannot be uploaded or hosted to another site - and if that were to happen, say, if somebody were to create their own "backup" on this server or their own site after downloading the content from TrainLife using the url backdoor, it can run into some serious complaints if the owners/publishers find out, so please don't do that.

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