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there are no open cuts! The inside vertical ribs are coming THROUGH the side wall at that area, and they are still vertical, and what you think are cuts are just the shadows of those ribs.
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Hi Ralph:


It is.  Look at the top of the double riveted strap between the Rio and Grande.  There is at the top of the strap a cut into the side of the gondola and there are 5 others along the side near the top.  Yes, it is a drop-bottom but what at the 6 cuts at the top of the sides for?


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Hi Gary,


Looks like a drop-bottom gon to me.





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While the company service tank cars and the DRGW 4-8-4 are extra eye candy, the DGRW gondola in the foreground on the left is the subject of this question.  What are the cut holes on the side of the car for?  I have not seen that feature in a gondola before.  Note too, the gusset plates cover part of the inside of the car, not just the top of the end and side.   The car also has wonderful residue of gunk in it that has not been cleaned out. 


Gary “I know the Grande did things differently” Laakso

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