Re: Another means of adding chalk markings

Jim Betz

Hi all,
  Weren't chalk marks used for "local routing" such as from a yard to an
industry or from one track to another during yard sorts?
  Many of you are saying "very common" - I don't dispute that ... but
there are lots of pics of freight cars without any marks on them (that
are visible?).  I suspect 'local weather' would have a bearing on this
topic - and time of year ... ???  L.A. would be different than Seattle?

  At least one person has asked "how many of our cars should have
them?" ... I don't think "almost all" is the right answer - for instance
if a cut of cars was dropped off in a yard and the entire cut was
going to some other place as a "block" then it would get (at most?)
one or two cars with recent chalk marks.

  How do you feel about a number like 50%?  More?  Less?
                                                                                                   - Jim

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