Re: Another means of adding chalk markings

Douglas Harding

In the days of computers, perhaps no chalk marks. In the late 40s, chalk marks everywhere. When looking at pictures we need to keep era in mind. Too many times we are looking at modern era photos when attempting to model a time gone by.


Doug Harding


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Hi all,
  Weren't chalk marks used for "local routing" such as from a yard to an
industry or from one track to another during yard sorts?
  Many of you are saying "very common" - I don't dispute that ... but
there are lots of pics of freight cars without any marks on them (that
are visible?).  I suspect 'local weather' would have a bearing on this
topic - and time of year ... ???  L.A. would be different than Seattle?

  At least one person has asked "how many of our cars should have
them?" ... I don't think "almost all" is the right answer - for instance
if a cut of cars was dropped off in a yard and the entire cut was
going to some other place as a "block" then it would get (at most?)
one or two cars with recent chalk marks.

  How do you feel about a number like 50%?  More?  Less?
                                                                                                   - Jim

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