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Daniel A. Mitchell

Thanks, Elden. It’s a simple but impressive car.

Sadly, I have no more info. I built the car years ago pretty much right from the RedBall instructions. Only later did I find a photo of the prototype, IIRC in a Train Shed cyclopedia … it’s the same photo as started this thread. I remember replacing the 36” wheelsets in the passenger trucks with 33” sets to get the height to come out acceptable. The only thing I’ve done since is convert it to Kadee couplers. There’s no underbody detail at all. Fortunately the topsides of the prototype are rather simple too, so the lack of a lot of detail is correct. If I find out much more I’ll probably be forced to rebuild it!    :-((

Dan Mitchell

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Nice job, Daniel!
Do you have any more info on these cars?
Elden Gatwood
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As stated earlier, here’s my photo of the HO Redball LV 56’ well-hole flat ...
I’ll make one correction to my earlier post … the deck is imbossed cardstock. As stated the ends and sides are soft metal castings, the frame is wood, with blocks for the ends and stips for the sides. The trucks are pasenger trucks fitted with smaller 33” wheelsets. Detailing is basic, as I had no better info at the time. The load is also Redball, a new crane bridge. I built this car perhaps 40 years ago, and it’s seen a lot of service.
Dan Mitchell

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Mine, built from a quite old kit (ca. 1960), has wooden blocks for the end platforms, and soft metal overlays for the top decks, sides, and ends. NO trucks came with it. I used modified 3-axle passenger trucks. I’ll try to post a photo of the model soon.
Dan Mitchell

On Nov 20, 2020, at 11:11 AM, Jon Miller <atsfus@...> wrote:
On 11/20/2020 6:57 AM, Daniel A. Mitchell wrote:
Redball used to offer a wood & metal kit of this car in HO scale. I have one. It’s a bit crude by modern standards, but with a little work makes an unusual and quite presentable model.
Dan Mitchell
    I have one of these.  I believe the sides are card-stock.  The wheels in the RB trucks are 28".
Jon Miller
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