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From Shaver's book (slightly compressed)--Built for the Hocking Valley, 1924-25: Illinois Car & Mfg. Co., 82000-82999; and 1924: Pullman Car & Mfg. Co., 83000-83999. To C&O 1930. 1184 cars rebuilt with steel sheathing, 1941-42; 440 cars retained 10' door opening, but had Youngston steel doors, renumbered 12000-12168 and 13558-13828. 608 cars rebuilt with single 6' Youngston doors,  renumbered 12392-12999 and 13000-13135. Last original cars retired 1953. A few of the rebuilt steel cars lasted until the 1970s.

Rare photo. Good find!

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Interesting door arrangement; Door and a Half, with right hand the short one?


I think these guys may be carrying refractory for a re-line, not dismantling.


Elden Gatwood

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