Re: Whose gon and dolomite container cars are these?

william darnaby

The NKP had a couple of series of gons in dolomite container service out of the online plant near Maple Grove, Ohio.  Same type of containers, 7 tons each IIRC.  In one of my Cycs there is an add for these containers but I am too lazy to dig it out.  As far as I know the NKP cars all went east to the mills.


Bill Darnaby


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Whose gon and dolomite container cars are these?


This is a pretty rare shot, maybe due to unflashy nature of the subject:


But super interesting that cars on the charging floor being unloaded for use include the scrap gon and dolomite container car.  Whose are they?  Seems LSC is Laclede Steel Co.; OK, served by who?


Elden Gatwood

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