Re: Atlantic & Danville

Kenneth Montero


My scanner is not working, but I found a photo of A&D 2226 on page 86 of The Alantic and Danville Railway Company: The Railroad of Southside Virginia by William E Griffith, Jr. (Rev. & expanded 2nd Ed. 2006). The caption reads in part:"and in 1957 , one hundred 100,000-pound capacity class B7a boxcars were acquired from the N&W. The cars were stenciled "N&W Railway Owner and Lessor". If I get my scanner working, I will send a scan. In the meantime, I hope that this information is helpful.

Ken Montero

PS Perhaps someone else in this group with access to the book can make a scan for you.

On 12/04/2020 9:01 PM Tony Thompson <> wrote:

Would anyone on the list have, or know the location of, photos of the A&D 2200-series box cars? Any help appreciated.

Tony Thompson

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