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Mark Kapka


Industrial works was the manufacturer of the crane ,may not be where the photo was taken.

Mark Kapka
Saginaw, Mich

On Dec 5, 2020, at 11:29 AM, Eric Hansmann <eric@...> wrote:

The Hagley site has this as an image title.
Locomotive crane operating in scrap yard, Industrial Works (Bay City, Mich.)
BTW, I feel many mill gons were free roamers. YMMV.
Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN
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Well, that clears up the construction of the sides . . .
Is the location of the Hagley shot known (I might have missed that)?  What are the chances that the gon in question is, in fact, the same class of gon from the DL&W?  There are no end reporting marks.
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My original thoughts on identifying that gondola from the car end went straight to some P&LE composite mill gondolas. Here’s a car diagram of what I think we see in that photo. Note how the end drop door is drawn.
There were several possible P&LE mill gons with these end drop doors. Here’s a nice view of a Lot 333-G car from the Lackawanna Steamtown photo collection.
A neighboring image is a closer look at the end drop door.
As I review the original image again, I see Carmer uncoupling hardware. The Carmer products were not used on many NYCL cars, so my suggestions on the NYC/P&LE mill gon possibilities may have been for naught. But it still seems like a composite mill gon to me.
So we look elsewhere. How about this Lackawanna gon from another set of Steamtown photos?
This seems to be a closer possibility.  And we get a closer look at the cool brake hardware!
Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN
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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Whose gon is this?
It looks like a P&LE replacement on a USRA gon, but that pump brake is unfamiliar to me.  Anyone recognize it by brand?
Interesting shot.
Elden Gatwood

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