Re: [RailwayBullShippersGroup] Stockyard List Circa 1921

Douglas Harding

The question has been raised as why California is not on the list.

National Provisioner was published weekly in 1921, which is Vol #65. Without the issue number, one will have to search the entire year’s publication to find the correct page 23.

This is what I found on line.


I do live about 20 miles from a library that does have back issues of National Provisioner. I may have to make a visit to see why California is not on the list.


Doug Harding


Stockyard List from “The National Provisioner – Volume 65,  Page 23 (1921)” 


AL           Birmingham                      Birmingham Stockyards Co

               Montgomery                     L&N Stockyards

               Montgomery                     Union Stockyards Co of Montgomery


CO          Denver                             Denver  Union Stockyard Co


DC          Benning                            Union Stockyards Co of New Jersey


FL           Jacksonville                      National Stockyards


GA          Augusta                            Augusta Stockyard Co

               Dublin                               Dublin Stockyards Co

               Moultrie                            Moultrie Stockyards


IA           Sioux City                         Sioux City Stockyards Co


IL           Chicago                            Union Stockyard & Transit Co of Chicago

              National Stockyards         St. Louis National Stockyards Co

              Peoria                               Peoria Union Stockyards Co


IN          Evansville                          Evansville Union Stockyard Co

              Indianapolis                       Belt Railroad and Stockyards Co

              Lafayette                           Lafayette Union Stockyards Co


KS         Wichita                              Wichita Union Stock Yards Co


KY         Louisville                           Bourbon Stockyards Co


LA         Arabi                                  New Orleans Stockyards, Inc


MA        Brighton                             Brighton Stockyards Co


MD        Baltimore                           Union Stockyard Co


MI          Detroit                               Michigan Central Railroad Co


MN        South St Paul                    St. Paul Union Stockyards Co


MO        Kansas City                       Kansas City Stockyards Co

              South St Joseph                St. Joseph Stockyards Co


NE         South Omaha                    Union Stockyards Co of Omaha


NJ          Jersey City                        Jersey City Stockyards Co

              Newark                              Newark Stockyards


NY         Buffalo                               New York Central Railroad Co

              New York                           New York Stockyards

              West Albany                      Patrick Horan & Sons


OH         Cincinnati                          Cincinnati Union Stockyard Co

              Cleveland                          Cleveland Union Stockyards Co

              Columbus                          Drovers Union Stockyards

              Dayton                               Union Stockyards Co

              Fostoria                             Fostoria Union Stockyards Co

              Marion                               Marion Union Stockyards Co

              Springfield                         Springfield Union Stockyards Co

              Toledo                               Inter-State Stockyards Co

              Toledo                               Toledo Union Stockyards Co


OK         Oklahoma City                  Oklahoma National Stockyards Co


OR        North Portland                   Portland Union Stockyards Co


PA         Lancaster                          Union Stockyard

              Philadelphia                      West Philadelphia Stockyard Co

              Pittsburgh                         Pittsburgh Union Stockyards Co


SC         Columbia                          Columbia Stockyards Co


SD         Sioux Falls                        Sioux Falls Stockyards Co


TN         Chattanooga                     Foust-Yarnell Stockyards

              Knoxville                           East Tennessee Stockyards

              Memphis                           Dixie National Stockyards

              Memphis                           Joseph A Maxwell & Sons Commission Co

              Memphis                           South Memphis Stockyards

              Nashville                           Nashville Union Stockyards, Inc


TX         El Paso                              El Paso Union Stockyards Co

              El Paso                              Independent Union Stockyards Co

              Fort Worth                         Fort Worth Stockyards Co

              San Antonio                      Union Stockyards


UT         North Salt Lake                 Salt Lake Union Stockyards

              Ogden                               Union Stockyards


VA         Richmond                          Richmond Union Stockyards Co

              Richmond                          Southern Stockyards Corp


WA        Pasco                                Pasco Union Stockyards Co

              Seattle                               Union Stockyards Co

              Spokane                            Spokane Union Stock Yards Co


WI          Milwaukee                         Milwaukee Stockyards Co

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