Ends for SP S-40-5 Stock Car by Red Caboose.

Bruce Griffin


Today I had several meetings that I could just listen to and didn't need to be seen on Zoom, so I looked for a relaxing kit to take off the shelf. I am nearing completion of a Speedwitch SP/T&NO B-50-25 kit, so I figured I would double down on the SP and build the Red Caboose SP/T&NO S-40-5 kit. I could fire up the airbrush for both at once. It is styrene, looked well designed, so I thought it would be relaxing.

First discovery was no decals and Ted's decals are out of stock.  Some measuring showed I could use the extra decals from the boxcar kit and fiddle with the dimensional and capacity/weight decals to get them close. Following the assembly instructions, the first step went well and then, step two was to add the ends. The second problem hit me, the kit didn't have the end moldings. That stopped progress for the day. 

First question for the group, does anyone have a spare set of ends for a Red Caboose SP/T&NO S-40-5 Stock Car? That would be the easy solution. 

If not, does anyone have and willing to share or point me to a purchase source for photos of the A and B ends of this stock car? Ted's instructions have pretty good model photos, as does Tony's blog on the subject.  Using a model photo and the known distance of an 18" grab it looks like the end is clad with horizontal 4.5" boards, so I might be able to find some styrene to start a reproduction. So much for a simple, relaxing build. 

Thank you for any insights. 

Bruce D. Griffin
Ashland, MD


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