Re: Ends for SP S-40-5 Stock Car by Red Caboose.

Benjamin Hom

Bruce Griffin asked:
"Today I had several meetings that I could just listen to and didn't need to be seen on Zoom, so I looked for a relaxing kit to take off the shelf. I am nearing completion of a Speedwitch SP/T&NO B-50-25 kit, so I figured I would double down on the SP and build the Red Caboose SP/T&NO S-40-5 kit. I could fire up the airbrush for both at once. It is styrene, looked well designed, so I thought it would be relaxing.

First discovery was no decals and Ted's decals are out of stock.  Some measuring showed I could use the extra decals from the boxcar kit and fiddle with the dimensional and capacity/weight decals to get them close."

Decals for the Westerfield S-40-4 decals would give you another source of lettering to work with.  They're available separately at $6 per set:

Ben Hom

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