Re: Kewanee boiler flat car load

Charles Peck

Like many things in life, it depends.  It could be a heating boiler or a power boiler,
Both came in various sizes.  A heating boiler would typically carry 15 PSI or so and 
be formed of lighter gauge steel.  The significant weight would be any refractory and 
cast iron grates within the boiler.
The power boiler would be formed of heavier sheet steel and might weigh twice as much.
A wild ass guess from someone who has actually fired one of these things would put a 
heating boiler of ordinary size at 2 to 5 tons.  A power boiler maybe 10 or 12 tons.
Anyway, as many as would fit on a 40 foot flatcar would not look like an overloaded car. 
If anyone were to question it, call them heating boilers.  Still worried?  Put crates of iron 
iron grates, boiler fittings, and firebrick on an adjoining flat. 
Chuck Peck

On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 4:32 PM Allen Cain <Allencaintn@...> wrote:
I do not know what they weighed but I do know that if you ask multiscaledigitial they may have the info for their's.  I recently bought a casting for a flat car load and they can tell the cubic inches of resin used to print the item.  Then take that number and for HO scale multiply it by 87 x 87 x 87 x the density of steel  (about .3 pounds per cubic inch IIRC) and you have a nice approximation for the prototype weight.  They posted the estimated weight on their site for the item I was needing.

Now this works only for items that were solid steel.  For something like a boiler made of sheet metal and tubes with lots of interior voids this would not work.

Allen Cain

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