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Charles Peck

Boilers are boilers, be it on a locomotive or in a building.  They require cleaning 
and upkeep.  Even if that hospital could handle cold weather with two boilers, 
they would have three. One offline getting serviced or ready to go when another 
was due for service.  Factory, City Hall, school or laundry,  they can't take a day off 
every so often to wash out mud and brush the flues.  Worse, what happens when the 
brickwork collapses and you are down for days?  
Those sort of important places had to have backup.  Your state capitol building almost 
certainly has multiple air conditioning compressors.  
The railroads in steam days would have protection engines ready at change points.  
Same idea, have coverage just in case.  
Chuck Peck

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Steve, it doesn’t take a REALLY HUGE BUILDING to require multiples of these in series.  Good engineers set them up so as the weather gets colder, they are lit and heat in sequence, to avoid wasting fuel.  A public school of the vintage we’re likely to be modeling might well require three boilers.




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My question is: would a buyer purchase 2-3 of these. I assume they would not be items that someone would order to put in stock to sell. If I wanted one for my new building, then they would ship me one on a flat car.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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The Kewanee catalog Frank sent me shows the Type "C" came in 21 different sizes, and two versions, for burning either coal or oil. The largest, which, in HO, this one seems to represent, was the Model 770. The coal fired version weighed 31,300 pounds, or less than 16 tons.

This morning the seller had 10 of the boilers left. I see he's now sold out.

Tom Madden

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