WLE 25000 Series X29 Boxcar

Ray Carson

Hey everyone,

For over two years (blame a mix of jumping from project to project and plain laziness) I've been working on an X29 class boxcar kit made by Red Caboose in the WLE scheme. I've been doing research for a while and looking at photos of the prototype and there were some things that I noticed.

According to the Steam Era Freight Cars WLE X29 page (http://www.steamerafreightcars.com/gallery/boxauto/wlex29main.html) and the June 1998 issue of Railmodel Journal (http://magazine.trainlife.com/rmj_1998_6/ on page 24), these were built with split K brakes. However the builders photo on the SEFC site, NKP photos in the RMJ, and the last known NKP X29 boxcar that I know of (NKP 25228 at the Mad River Museum in Bellevue, Ohio) show the retainer line on the left side of the coupler pocket just like a normal retainer line on any other boxcar. The builders photo also shows a normal K brake that isn't split like the typical PRR X29.

What I'm wondering is that was this overlooked or taken at speculation and assuming the K brake placement was the same split K like on the PRR X29s? Photographic and the surviving WLE/NKP prototype shows otherwise.



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