Re: WLE 25000 Series X29 Boxcar

Ray Carson

And just to add to this topic, here's the boxcar I've been working on.

This was one of the first models I bought brand new and unopened (in 2018, as weird as it sounds) at a train shop in Spring, Texas after I began getting back into the hobby and deciding on taking a much more prototypical approach to HO modeling. Much has gone into the model such as me using the AB brakes in the kit and the original plastic sill steps which later broke off and I replaced them with etched sill steps made by Yarmouth Model Works. I even added wire for the vertical brake stand and the retainer line.


Later on I replaced the AB brake system and used Tichy K brake. So far I haven't got much done with it considering some parts of the builder's photo and photos of the NKP 25228 had me lost.


Overall I'm hoping to get around to adding Carmer cut levers and some remaining details still missing before I paint the parts and get it weathered.



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