Seeking help to refine AT&SF Steam Era Decals: "7 inch &" for Tank & Flat Cars

Jake Schaible

Calling Western Steam Era modelers....

Not sure if this is a need in other scales, but a set of 7" Santa Fe Roman with an Ampersand white / waterslide doesn't exist in N scale, so I've been working towards designing one and have a manufacturing willing to add such to his product line.

My driver of this project has been the excellent N scale resin kits for Santa Fe prototype by Dirk Jan Blikkendaal of the Tk-G to Tk-J class

Microscales does produce a set for Santa Fe tank cars (87- & 60-128), but the Reporting Marks are without an ampersand (painted till 1938 and still commonly seen on tank cars into the early 50's.) and are oversized (at least in N) even for the 9" lettering of the later steam era.  The 9" with ampersands are common as they were used on Box cars and Stock cars of the line, but, as Hendrickson details in "Santa Fe Railway Painting and Lettering Guide" Tank cars and Flat cars used a smaller lettering... my theory on why is the 9" lettering simply didn't fit well on 8" & 10" flat cars side sills, and early Santa Fe tank cars (little more at times than a tank on a flat car) retained side sills as the proper location for reporting marks.  Typically this small oversize doesn't bother me much, and looks OK when place on the tank side as in later era cars.  But the available decals just don't sit right on the side frames as was prototypical in some early cars of the era.  

So consider this a call for suggestions to those seeking Santa Fe tank car and flat car steam era decal elements (branch line lettering, etc) as I'm working to fill the sheet with extra stuff.  Given the limited interest in this topic, if willing to assist, private message me.

Still discussing with manufacture if the final product offering will be a single 7" white w/ Ampersand sheet, or one sheet for use on both flat cars as well as tank cars.  Either way, hope to include optionality of use to model pre and post 1926 ARA lettering standardization.  



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