The 70t Barber Stabilized S-2-A truck has been done by Moloco recently and previously by Red Caboose for their SP F-70-7 flatcar.

They are both very similar with each having pluses and minuses. The RC truck is a 3 piece truck and takes some modifications to be
properly functional. I have shared a way to do this plus add in line brake shoes with some on this list. The Moloco is 1 piece with in line
shoes. In my view, side frame detail is slightly better on the RC trucks but Moloco's are easier to use because of their 1 piece construction.

The RC trucks have been offered separately so it may be possible to find someone that will part with a pair. Nick says he will be running
more of his trucks so those may be available again soon hopefully. I have both versions under various cars and each work well.

Other 70t Barber Stabilized trucks have been produced.

S-2-B- is done by Kadee in their HGC compound.

S-2-C- is also done by Moloco, currently out of stock.

Dan Smith

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