Re: What is a "Manuta gondola"?

Daniel A. Mitchell

While I think it VERY unlikely that Mantua had anything to do with the odd brass gondola in question, remember that Mantua got started offering BRASS locomotive kits. These were mostly models of wide-firebox anthracite burners (Reading RR? with arched-top cab windows. I don’t recall what variations there were, but IIRC there were 0-4-0 (Camelback “Goat”), 4-4-2, and 4-6-2 at least. Construction was sheet brass similar to later imported brass models but you had to assemble them yourself.

Only the little "Goat” survived in new form in Mantua’s later die cast and plastic eras.  In this later time they also did several other Camelbacks.

Dan Mitchell

On Dec 13, 2020, at 12:16 PM, Daniel A. Mitchell <danmitch@...> wrote:

I don’t know of any NYC 4-6-4 by AHM, but they did have a Milwaukee Road “Baltic” 4-6-4 in brass. Kind of “Plain Jane”, but typical of the period.

Dan Mitchell

On Dec 13, 2020, at 11:42 AM, Louis Adler <lsainnwa@...> wrote:

I have no idea who is the manufacturer, but until someone can specifically identify the product producer, I would not jump to the conclusion that it is not Mantua.  Why?  How many know that AHM (Yes, that AHM) produced a brass NYC 4-6-4 in the 1970's?   I actually saw the engine as it was bought by a Dallas model RR friend who brought it to the standard Friday lunch group.  As far as I know, it was the only brass product that AHM produced.

While I doubt that the gondola is a Mantua product, I would not discount it without some hard evidence.  Perhaps Mantua wanted to test the brass import waters just as AHM did..

Lou Adler

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