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Charlie Duckworth

While this response isn’t about resin or plastic models being stored it did caution me on using plastic directly against a model.  I was reading that a Lionel collector had wrapped his prewar cars in plastic when he stored them.  After he passed away the family decided to sell the collection and when the models were unwrapped the plastic had reacted to the paint and when the plastic wrapping was removed some of the paint had stuck to it and pulled the paint off.  For my models that are built and don’t have a factory made storage (like Tangent or Exactrail) I first wrap the model in tissue paper (the type people use for presents) and then wrap in a layer of the smallest bubble wrap as to protect the parts.  


On Dec 17, 2020, at 9:21 AM, Gary Roe <wabashrr@...> wrote:

Admittedly, this post is not about Steam Era Freight Car models; but the transportation and/or storage of same.

I do not have a layout, so virtually all of my models 'live' in a box.....usually the one they came in.  Once they are built, painted, and weathered, in my mind it is not preferable to stick them back in a box unprotected.  I recently 'discovered' something that I think is the answer; but knowing my luck, it will probably be detrimental to the model and/or its finish.  That's why I seek the advice of someone who knows.

The material I was thinking of using is a very thin, very soft, pliable plastic.  The source is my grocery store.  It is the bags they have in dispensers in the fruits and vegetables section.  I can find nothing that tells what kind of plastic it is, only that it is classified as a No. 2 Recyclable, and made by Unistar Plastics.

Will this stuff end up adhering itself to my models, or perform some other regrettable act of violence toward them?

Thanks in advance for tolerance of this subject, and any insight.

gary roe
quincy, illinois

Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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