Re: Frt Car Model Database

John Sykes III

Naw.  I use Excel to track my collection.  I have found that I can sort, search, etc. as well in Excel as I can in more sophisticated database applications and it is easier to use and modify.  It is working fine for my ~775 car freight collection.  I track more of the prototype information than the model information, unless there is something unique about the model (e.g., 1956 Revell models or the Ambroid "One of five thousand" models).  I have separate lists for my steam and diesel motive power (~100) and passenger cars too (way behind on that one).  Agree with comment above about buying something at a show that I already have (been there, done that).  My main tracking is by reporting marks, then road number and then about 1/2 of the ORER info.  I have good coverage in ORERs from 1930 through 1970's for primary references.

--  John

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