Re: Calling All Chemists - Somewhat OT

Schuyler Larrabee

Jim Betz writes:

“then simply roll the model in the 'sheet' of plastic”


I’ve seen many modelers wrap models along one of axis, or centerline, of the sheet, then have trouble stuffing it into the foam in the box (if that’s what we’re doing).  For years, I bought a sub sandwich for lunch daily, and noted how they wrapped the sandwich in paper.  They placed the sandwich diagonally on the square of paper and as they rolled it up, they folded in the corners on either side, making a nice tight roll of it all.


Works very well when wrapping models in plastic, too . . .




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  I use Ziploc brand because I like the weight of the plastic (and it is
food grade).   I don't like the lighter weight stuff because it can
'grab' the fine details.

  But - I cut the bag open on 3 sides and toss the closure and 
side edges - and then simply roll the model in the 'sheet' of plastic. 
Works for me.
                                                                                                  - Jim

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