Re: Frt Car Model Database


I second the FileMaker Pro.
  • It's been around for freaking ever, I've used it since 1992 for various things.
  • Real easy to use, noticed there are hobby collection templates now.
  • To get up and running you can import an Excel list of your collection, and the Column header names become the Field names and each Excel line becomes a FMP Record.
  • You can also store photos of each car (or prototype) in Container fields with each record and view them.
  • Easy to Search and Find specific record(s). Can export to Excel if necessary.
  • Both PC and Mac. Works on iPads and phones too.
  • For our hobby use, any version from 13 on has all the features we would ever use, so can pickup older cheap versions on Amazon or eBay if you want.
I'm still running a database of my antique radio collection using version 3.0 from 1995 on an ancient Mac SE in the radio workshop.
It is another tool you have to learn to use, so if you don't like new things or learning, fugetaboutit...
RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA

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