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Schuyler Larrabee

Well, Bill, I’ve drilled such holes and have used a couple of techniques.


I’ll only mention the one that worked . . . 😊


After figuring out that the train line (or whatever line I was thinking about) had to be “this high” off the floor (with the model upside down) and “that far” off the adjacent center sill, I made a very small styrene angle.  One side of the angle was “this thick” and the other was “that thick” (less .010 for a .020” train line).  Then I nestled this angle into the corner made by the center sill and the floor, against the cross bearer or cross tie..


Using a drill in my pin vise, probably a No.74m .0225, sticking out of the pin vise as far as I could, I put it into that interior angle and drilled, slowly.  With the small amount of “slop” with the slightly oversized hole, I could get a series of holes that were pretty close to being aligned, enough so that the wire would be straight.


Well, worked for ME.




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Jerry is doing a great job on this gondola as on all his efforts.  He like many of my modeling friends includes the train line on his models.  Others ignor it completely. While not particularly difficult I do find it rather finicany in drilling the holes for this line in a cast resin underframe.  I would be interested in Jerry's technique  for accurately drilling holes for this line.


Bill Pardie



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