Re: Increasing slope sheet angle on hoppers


Thanks all for your thoughts!

I will mention that there are two photos of these cars in Scott R. Thompson's "Great Northern Equipment Color Pictorial Book Two".  One photo shows one of the cars in 1959 at Okanagon WA, at what looks like it might be an aggregate facility.  There are piles of stuff, and a bin and a sort of conveyor belt showing.  The other shows a car at Wenatchee, but it's not helpful.

I am kind of surprised that such stuff would need such a steep slope to dump.  But this article:°,can%20also%20be%20affected%20by%20additions%20of%20solvents.

has gravel and wet sand at an angle of repose of 45 degrees.  Which is a lot steeper than the 30-ish degrees of the original slope sheets.

OMI made models of both the original and the modified hoppers, and I've got both and have been wondering what I will do with them.


Edward Sutorik

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