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Bruce Smith

Now, before we rag on BLI too much, I have to point out that the sound equipped K7a came out  (and BLI gave me on as a thank-you for working on the project with them) when my child and the 3 other children who hung out at our house Friday evenings (in the company of their parents) were all around 5-7 years of age. THEY couldn't get enough of that damned car! So I'm inclined to look at it as an "entry level drug" much like the stupid smoke units which the kids also loved. 

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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I cannot forget the PRR K7A with sound either.  Beautiful model but the sound in the damned thing drives me nuts.



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Tony should be credited with being responsible for the creation of Broadway Limited Imports as well.

Together with a Korean builder and QSI, he was behind the New York Central J3a and N&W Class A which were the first BLI locomotives.  

I don’t know all the details and it isn’t appropriate to go further with the particulars of the changes in leadership in which he separated from the company but he should be credited with morphing the old “Powerhouse” line of Korean production diecast steam locomotives into the factory sound equipped locomotives and freight cars we have today  (can’t forget the PRR K7A stock car with cow, pig, chicken, mule sound effects!!!)

Charlie Vlk


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