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Steve and Barb Hile

I don’t know of any two tone UTLX tank cars like this.  I think it is more likely the way the light falls, note that the underside of the horizontal (actually the side rail of the end ladder on a car nearer to the camera) member is quite dark, too.


Steve Hile


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I wonder if that is a two tone car - the bottom course looks obviously darker on so precise a line with the courses it doesn’t just look like how the light falls.




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Here is a prototype photo of your 2 dome UTLX car in quite the predicament:



Andy Cich



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Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  These two projects remain incomplete, but I think that you can see from the prototypes the genesis of the models.  One kit from SC&F, an extra Sunshine X-3 underframe and an Intermountain 10000 gallon tank along with an extra dome from Tom Madden and some Archer Rivets.


It reinforces the idea that the tank and underframe are separate entities that can often be adapted for reuse.




Perhaps the 10000 gallon Intermountain tank might work to get the SCCX tank, with minor surgery on the safety valve locations.  That issue is left as an exercise for the student.


Steve Hile


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I’d like to see photos of the fitting/misfitting of those various model parts.  Sounds like a cool project.




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Hi Ken,


The closest SC&F kit is their 8000 gallon single dome car.  But the issue there is the tank is a radial course tank and the SCCX car in the photo under discussion has longitudinal courses.


If you are into bashing things together, you could, probably, fit a Proto 2000 8000 gallon tank (they may have even made a Shell version) onto the SC&F underframe.  The Standard Tank Car tank cars had a distinctive arrangement of the safety valves on the tank dome top, placing them 180 degrees apart on the car center line.  That will leave you with a tank (and an undeframe) that don’t match.


I am trying something a bit different as I have a photo showing an STC 6 six section radial tank mounted on an X-3 underframe.  That freed up the frame for a different project.


Hope this is helpful.


Steve Hile


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Steve et al

Which SC&F kit was the Standard Tank Car kit.  

This tank car manufacturer appears to have been used by a lot of west coast refiners in the 1920's and has been ignored by Tangent and others making the newer highly detailed plastic models.
Ken Adams
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