Re: UTLX frameless tank car - how long in revenue service?

Steve and Barb Hile

There are a few standard gauge V cars mixed in with the narrow gauge cars in the 55xxxx series with internal heating coils, but the main remaining series of cars were in the 14300 and 15999 series.


In the January 1954 ORER, there are 211 cars listed in that range, most of which have 50 ton capacity trucks, but 4 are still listed with 30 ton capacity (the old arch bar trucks, maybe?)


In the 1955 tank car tariff, there are still 6500 gallon tank cars listed in the range between 14052 and 14519.  There were no numbers in the 15xxx range in the 1955 tariff.


So, I can keep one of Richard’s PSC kitbashes in my long term schedule.


Steve Hile


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The January 1952 Condensed Table of Union Tank Car Company Cars lists at least two series of 6500 gallon V cars, not including the narrow gauge cars.

Jim Gates

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Although UTLX did have some 10,000 gallon Type V cars, the model shown is a 6500 gallon car.


The main issue, following their use through WWII, was the requirement to convert to AB brakes.  Note that the model has split KD brakes that are mounted directly to the bottom plate of the tank as there was no center sill.  With some built in the first years of the century and none built past 1912, it would appear that UTLX did not deem conversion to AB schedule brakes worth the cost and effort.


Note that this type of car, with the K brakes continued in operation for many years beyond 1953 on Colorado narrow gauge rails.


It would be interesting to know what was the last standard gauge Type V car in operation and when it was retired?   Certainly, it would have been at or near 1953.


Hope this helps.  With the onset of WWII every tank car that was available was pressed into service.


Steve Hile


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] UTLX frameless tank car - how long in revenue service?


Hello friends,

I have one of these cars:

Years ago I have read these were in use until after WWII, but I am sure - if at all - then with other trucks (easy fix). But when I see how small it is and that it doesn't have a seperate frame - I wonder if this design met all requirements for any kind of service around and after WWII - does anyone of you know more?

Many thanks and greetings

Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953

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